Before any redesign or fix of a website, a responsive web design company in Nigeria team will conduct a thorough and detailed audit of the current site. This work will allow our web agency to understand what is wrong and what works on the site. It will cover both the architecture of the site, its technical characteristics, its content but especially the behavior of Internet users: from their arrival mode on the site to their departure. A good site is a site that attracts qualified traffic and gets a lot of conversions. There is no point in making a public site. During the redesign, it is necessary to aim to attract only a targeted audience that is, people who are really interested in the services or products you offer and not people who come here by chance and leave without buying anything. When redesigning a website, we take this opportunity to integrate social networks in your approach to visibility on the Internet. We take care of all the “technical” consequences related to the disappearance of certain pages, including 301 redirects and 404 errors.